Monday, August 30, 2010

Dishonesty is Not a Virtue

I'm reading a fascinating book (review to follow) that maps out the abuses of statistics Christians use to engender fears that sell products. Seriously. It is a bit depressing in terms of the moral integrity of evangelicals, but optimistic about the future of religion in society. A strange mixture. Josh McDowell comes off as one of the offenders here, that shouldn't surprise me as that guy is also dishonest about history (Evidence that Demands a Verdict provides some horribly skewed views of history and scripture). I'm not sure he does this intentionally, but is probably caught up in the apologetic culture that uses alarmism as a tool. More evidence, to me, that we evangelicals who purport to be lovers of the truth are actually not that honest to begin with. God help us.

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byron smith said...

Yes, I've become more aware of how some of my teenage gurus (Josh McDowell being one of them) took a few unwarranted "shortcuts". In the end, doing so is highly counterproductive.

Looking forward to your review.