Thursday, February 04, 2010

So Is This

Thanks Byron.


byron smith said...

No problem.

I'm feeling a little more ambivalent about a carbon tax than I was when I posted this, though I still see it as the least worst option (outside of a widespread repentance for hyper-consumerism and a joyful embrace of modesty out of love for neighbour, respect for the planet's living spaces and concern for avoiding polluting our lives with greed).

One of Freedom said...

My thoughts on carbon taxation were that it does have some benefits for industry and dealing with the climate crisis at a macro-level. But, carbon tax alone is hugely insufficient. We really need to find ways to get off of fossil fuels - including the creation of plastics, and learn to pay attention to the huge eco-deficit we have already run up.

Did you see Avatar yet? I really liked the film, but the eco-message is that the earth will eventually fight back. Actually, it will lay down and die - with our species along for the ride. I'm confident it will eventually recover - but long after we are gone. I did like the theme of the wisdom in the earth - we could learn a lot by paying attention to that wisdom, but as your little film says: the same kind of thinking that got us into this mess will not get us out of it.