Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remotely Saddened

Is it right to have so little faith in your government? I have really not been paying more than peripheral attention to Copenhagen because I felt Canada would be more obstructionist than helpful. I really dislike this government - I voted, just not for them. So why am I so sad about it? Part of the problem is that what this administration is doing will continue to be an obstruction to the next government. But really, my kids are the ones who will pay the price. And seriously, the price will not be near what it will be for those in the have-not countries. What will it take for our species to pull our collective heads out of our asses and do something? Probably more than our species will be able to survive.

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byron smith said...

Is it right to have so little faith in your government?
I know what you mean. Is it possible to give respect without much faith? I hope so.

Sometimes I wonder whether openly obstructionist governments (like yours) might actually be better in the long run than those who openly acknowledge the serious challenge of CC and yet whose policies treat it as an irrelevance (like mine). At least the former are more likely to generate a serious backlash.