Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moltmann Conversation

The tweets from the conversation contain many great quotes and links. If you are looking for audio snippits, that's in there too.

Back now, I'm still tired but really glad I went. The conversation was amazing. Kudos Doug and Tony. I ran into an old friend this morning and realized that he has been studying a lot of the same stuff - Bloch, Moltmann, Pannenberg, etc. It was a great connection and a great excuse to rekindle an old friendship.

Tomorrow I'm leading worship at Greenbelt Baptist. I've never been before, but the pastor is a friend of mine. He's one of those guys who gets that unity is about diversity. I know this because we have quite different political ideas. But at the same time we know each other has a heart for God. Unity is like that. It says there is something more important that politics and even denominational distinctives. It says there is something about belonging that doesn't put any prerequisites in the way. I find that folks who listen for the heart in others are way more willing to see God leading you in different directions, and accept that it is because God is more concerned with seeking us out than God ever is with the trappings of our religious affiliations. I appreciate that in people like Steve.


Paul said...

What a great opportunity to see Moltmann in person for you and in connection with something you are passionate about: the emerging church conversation.

Did you also get to attend Danielle Shroyer's seminar?

One of Freedom said...

No I did not, but I heard it was excellent. It was a long flight in and I thought it would be better to rest up. I did get to meet Danielle in the hall though. It was really great to actually connect face-to-face with emerging church folk I've studied and written about. And Moltmann was brilliant.