Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fresh and Re:Fresh

OK it is finally out! At least there is a website for the book. Published by Allelon Publishing, whose website has been not working for ages now. I should have a book in my hands soon, they have been printed. But I really hope that it ends up on indigo and amazon so folks can actually get a copy in their hands too. These stories are important. I don't think this is an earth shattering theological book (in fact I'd say it isn't) but it does give a good Canadian sense of what is happening at the edges of our traditional church communities. For me this is my first published chapter in a book, really it is an essay and Freedom Vineyard is the focus. I look at how we are wrestling with the term missional in our context. Would love to hear comments from any of you who read it.


steven hamilton said...

really great news frank!!

i hope i can check it out some time...what is your chapter about?


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

I am really looking forward to this book. Wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks!


P.S. I noticed you are still linking to my old blog. I'm now at missional.ca FYI

One of Freedom said...

I was a bit late to the conversation too Jamie. When I expressed my regret to Len he asked if I could write a chapter comparing/contrasting Freedom Vineyard with Guder's characteristics of a missional church (what my chapter is about Steven).