Monday, May 04, 2009

Rik Leaf - Tribe of One - Buy This Album!

Rik Leaf sent me his latest album and it is really good. I have been hesitant to bring it in from the car to do a review, simply because I am enjoying listening to it. This album seems more straight forward lyrically than his last album, but at the same time he is venturing out into new styles. I love Je Me Souviens, and yup this album has some french content including the wicked french verse of this song. The sense of multiculturalism is foreshadowed by track 1: The Maple Leaf. Seriously how could a truly Canadian album ever not be an eclectic mix of languages and styles? Above all my favourite track is Lonely. If I'm in the car for a short drive that is the track I turn to. It reminds me of Leaving on a Jet Plane, but in a haunting way. Rik, I just have to say thanks. Not just for the CD, but for the music. I look forward to hearing some of this stuff live, until then I'm keeping it in my car. You, well, I recommend you buy your own copy.

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