Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Post and Sad News

I meant to post a link to this post yesterday, Drew often tackles issues that others avoid. I think he makes some interesting points about the way we use scripture, it is worth thinking through.


I got some really sad news today. The minister of my parent's church died suddenly today. He was with my dad at the time. I'm a bit shaken up. He was one of the good guys and it was just a few weeks ago that we had dinner together (in Truro). My prayers are with his wife and their children. I already miss him. I know my dad is really going to miss him too, they were really good friends.


DMofKor said...

Losing friends is not an easy thing. My prayers are with you and your father.

What happened? Was he ill?

One of Freedom said...

He had a heart condition but this was not expected.