Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bad Posture

Went to see the doctor today. Seems years of sitting improperly in front of a laptop have taken their toll on my neck. I've had really bad neck pain for at least two years now. My wife was trying to scare me into seeing the doctor, she was worried I had done some serious damage, but the doctor gave me some exercises that he felt should help. I also need to think through my computer use habits (also my posture when reading is not so good). Habits are not easy to modify - I was trying to adjust just now on the computer and devolved into my usual slump with scary ease.

In other posture news, the markets are rallying today with the impending news of a new president to the South of us here in the Great White North. I am actually unimpressed with how much of a sense of importance my fellow Canadians are placing on this election as opposed to our own election. No I do not wish I could vote in the US election. I think it will be interesting to see how the Obamania pans out if he is elected tonight. I was saddened to hear of his Grandmother's passing though. Much as I'm unimpressed with national politics these days, I think this temporary optimism, sown in the markets, does not help with the realization that the world needs all of us to do our part if it is going to be a better place. I'm disturbed by any posture that surrenders that control to others in a sort of public fatalism. That is the posture that is really at the roots of our problems in North America. We are so self-absorbed and disconnected with a world that so desperately needs us - especially those of us who claim a religious orientation of hope.

If I do my exercises perhaps my pain will eventually give way to new muscular strength. Unless the world learns to exercise our public ability to act it will be more than our necks that are one the line. Something I'm thinking about.


DMofKor said...

Well, the results are in. Obama will become the first African-American President in history.

I was asked a few times leading into yesterday election day if I was going to be watching the election. My answer was always "No". Especially, when the Senators were playing (A really exciting game too...) I did turn the channel after the game and saw that Obama was leading. Of that I was pleased. It was an indication that out brothers and sisters to the south were letting go of their racism. But I agree, why do I care about US politics. I won't care about the US politics until my children are made to sing their national anthems and the 'O Canada' is removed. I care about my country and what is going on here.

Also, another point. There seems to be this air of either Pro-American or Anti-American, apparently you have to be one or the other. What about me...I'm "I don't care America" I'm not anti, I'm not pro...I just don't put any energy towards its....

One of Freedom said...

I definitely do care about US politics. But what I'm disturbed about is how Canadians let US politics so greatly overshadow our own. I'm also disturbed by the self-importance I hear from Americans about their place in the world - you would think they were electing a new king of the world. That is pure bullshit. Yes, there will be far reaching implications, but as long as this sort of elitism exists the US will be the target of scorn all over the world. (And yes, even of misplaced affection).

I was super impressed with McCain's concession speech, BTW. Very gracious. Sharon watched with me and her comment was, "100 times better than Bush eh?" So true. Almost anything will be better than Bush right now. But Obama has a tonne of work to do.