Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congress 2009 - Carleton University

I took on the role of local arrangements coordinator (LAC) for the Canadian Theological Society (CTS) at the upcoming Congress 2009. Congress 2009 is the Canadian Congress for Humanities and Social Sciences, and will be held at Carleton University late May. Today I gathered with Carlton staff, LACs and Programme Coordinators (PCs) from the various societies meeting at the coming Congress. We were treated to a very nice buffet, a foretaste of the catering to be sure. And it seems like a fairly well organized event. Of course I was one of the few not in at least dress casual, when will I learn. But no one seemed to mind. And my buddy Peter (also doing a PhD at Saint Paul) is LAC for the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA).

I know, you are wondering why I didn't go rep for that one. Well, I only became aware of it after accepting the responsibility for the CTS. I'm definitely going to check out the CETA, in fact I might submit a paper for consideration - not sure if I can do both the LAC duties and get a chance to present, but I'll find out soon enough. My good friend Kat (also a PhD student at Saint Paul) was supposed to do my job, but wasn't sure about her springtime plans, so it fell to me. I'm happy to do this, it will be really helpful on my academic resume, but it looks like a lot more work than she first told me.

I almost didn't make it. Yesteday Chelsea power-puked (she is the fruit of my loins) all over the backseat of our Vue. Yuck. So I had a sick girl and Sharon was working. But Sharon found someone to work the second half of her shift so I could attend the planning meeting. But in the meantime I've gotten zero work done for my course. But I did help a dear friend with his dad's stamp collection and had a great chat with the primate for the Independent Old Catholic Church of America, who happens to also be a local stamp auction guy. He's a lot of fun, and was terribly interested in Freedom's Eucharistic journey. I got the sense he would be more comfortable if I were ordained in some way akin to the orthodox tradition, but whatever. My ordination doesn't come from or through man, but through the call of God on my life and the recognition of the body I serve. As we pray in the Eucharist, it is at Christ's command we celebrate. But George is a lot of fun to chat with, he definitely loves Jesus.


Bill Reichart said...

Thanks for your comments over at Ministry Best Practices. I appreciate interacting with you and getting a chance to peek over to your blog as well.



Now, back to the Georgia v. Alabama game. :-(

aylmerqc said...

Oh, we're going to have to talk one of these days, Frank. Tim Perry asked me to do the CETA coordinator thing (which I did 15 years ago when the Learneds were last at Carleton), but my day job for the feds keeps me just a little too busy this time. I'm also looking at going back to Saint Paul (did my MA there and was ABD on a PhD in NT) in January for the Public Ethics program on a part-time basis and I have a definite interest in public/political theology. Lots to talk about!

I'm enjoying your blog, btw.

All the best,


One of Freedom said...

Hey Alan. Definitely.

Peter Robinson took the CETA role, he was the only person I knew at the planning meeting. I'm just getting to know the CETA folks through their yahoo listserver, it is really good to connect with evangelicals in acadamia - I think there needs to be more of us.

ABD? All but dissertation? That's a new acronym for me. Hope to see you in Jan!