Monday, April 14, 2008

[LIF] Next stop... PhD

I'm really excited, my application for the PhD programme at St. Paul University was accepted. This is the last step in a long process. The good thing is that I can teach with a Masters (at an undergrad level) and PhD students do have opportunities to teach at my school. Also there are not too many of us, which is helpful. I'm also planning on pitching my services to the various satellite schools in Ottawa. I'd love to land a course each semester (except the semester I do my reading course). We'll see what happens.

I'm trying to piece together an academic resume. The problem is I have tonnes of experience that doesn't translate into my new career. That sucks. I think I can work in my teaching experience and some of the articles I've had published. I really need to get something into a peer reviewed journal though. I have an angle to work on for that though. Because I am working on the theology of the Evangelical Emerging Church, I think there is an interest in some academic material on the subject. I miss Robert Webber, the more I read the more I think he was just getting started.

In the meantime I'm almost through exams and I have a tight schedule to get my research paper out by the end of June!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank!

One of Freedom said...

Thanks Amanda!

kns said...

Congrats, Frank!

One of Freedom said...

Thanks Kenny! How are thinks going at JHop? Your blogging has been quite slow lately.