Saturday, November 10, 2007

[FUN] Blog Reading Levels

Jim West is to blame for finding this little blog analyser. Apparently the prayer blog I started gets this rating:

But this blog only gets this rating:

try it yourself

Hmmmm. Maybe that says it is far more intellectual to pray than to just talk.
Then again a certain naked pastor rates the highest I've seen!

let me know what your blog rates

PS. I keep meaning to add Jim West's blog to my blogroll, next clean up. I often disagree with Jim, but he has a great blog.


Jim said...

How can anyone disagree with me? I'm precious!

One of Freedom said...

Oh I know, I've seen your picture at Chrisendom!! :-)

nakedpastor said...

how did mine rate genius? what's the criteria? i'm dumbfounded.

One of Freedom said...

No clue. But now that you've commented on my blog I bet I went up an level. ;-)

DMofKor said...

Hey Frank,
Check mine out ;-)