Friday, October 12, 2007

[LIF] Parenting Heartaches

My youngest is misbehaving on the bus. It is fairly serious in that if she gets kicked off the bus we have no way to get her to school and back. I had to punish her, gave her several dice (dice get put in a jar when one of the girls is bad and they have to work them off before they can have any playdates or watch any movies). I also made it clear that if she doesn't apologize to the bus driver, he's such a nice guy too and she just laughed at him when he tried to tell her to sit down, she will miss out on halloween.

Now the thing is after all that I absolutely feel like crap. I feel let down and disappointed. Chelsea can be very strong willed. We try to direct that knowing it is good to be strong in who your identity in this world. But strong willed is just the other side of the belligerant coin. Chelsea is only four which doesn't help.

Pray for us. Thanks.


Tim Kantel said...

Hang in there Frank!

joey said...

I can relate, I have three children and two of them are strong-willed (read: stubborn). But you will be amazed how much they change over years. I agree with Tim, just hang in there bro.

One of Freedom said...

Well, today was no better. She didn't apologize to the bus driver so they ended up picking me up from school so I could have a talk with Chelsea. Then we took her to school and explained to the teacher what was going on. Hopefully tomorrow it will go better.

I'm not worried about hanging in there, there is no where to go anyway. But it doesn't help in the moment. I know that strong personalities have great potential - I'm also a strong personality. It makes me appreciate more what my own parents went through. I'm sure she'll be fine in the long run, I just hope we can find creative ways to walk this out in the meanwhile. Prayers are appreciated.