Saturday, May 05, 2007

[LIF] House Concert

Last night Rik Leaf and Tina Newlove came to share their art with us. It was a really great evening and Rik, as you can see here, sang his heart out! Our church hosted a house concert, which is an idea Rik introduced us to way back when we were first starting out as a church. A house concert is friends getting together with an artist for an evening of stories and songs. Last night Rik graced us with poetry as well, and Tina painted the whole while.
I'm not sure what Tina was trying to paint (that doesn't sound right - I mean I am not sure I am interpreting this painting the same way Tina intended), but several things really struck me as the image developed. First was the variety of stances and ethnicity of the people in her image. One is turned away, one is very ceremonially dressed (ornate kimono, so beautiful BTW), and even one Christlike figure was looking out from around a big stone, which spoke to me of Resurrection as just being a normal part of this scene. Also earlier there was a face that emerged from the crowd looking up, it was in profile in the upper right hand corner. I kept seeing that as an image of the Body of Christ (the Church or the crowd!) looking up towards God. There was a sense of longing and expectation there. But then almost at the end of the night this face was swallowed up by houses. And even more startling, the stone of resurrection seemed to morph into a highrise apartment. I found this so encouraging, especially considering words that were given to me in Montreal and in a recent email.

After the concert we just hung out and chatted. It was pretty nice to just share a slice of life with these two travelling artists. Rik and Tina, you are both welcome at Freedom anytime!


Anonymous said...

Just saw your profile and was wondering why a Christian would be interested in astrological and zodiac signs.

One of Freedom said...

Why would you assume that I was interested in astrological or zodiac signs? The profile contains default settings. But apart from that you might find if you read my blog that I really don't get freaked out by such things anyway. Do you think the baby Jesus was freaked when the astrologers came to visit him after his birth?

Yvonne said...

Hey! Rik was there! that's cool! You are being INVADED by Winnipeggers!

Tim Kantel said...

Hey Frank,

Just thought I'd our tarot reading scheduled for tonight or tomorrow night? I forgot to write it down.


One of Freedom said...

Tim, I'd love to banter on this, but I'm scared someone is going to take us serious. That is at least the second time someone has asked me about zodiac on this blog, simply because in the profile they show whatever sign is assigned to your date of birth. On one hand I shake my head wondering if folks don't have better things to do, on the other I know that if they read my blog they'd probably find a lot bigger fish to fry - I pull no punches theologically.

But on the other hand, isn't that what the prophetic is for? To remember which night you are supposed to come over and do my reading? You can't really be that good a tarot card reader. :-)

Oh I'm going to burn for this I can just feel it now...)

Tim Kantel said...

Heh heh couldn't resist in the end could you? :)

I actually postponed the "witty" comment for a few hours to think abou it but in the end did to highlight the aburdity of the anonymous comment.

It does pain me to see the anonymous uninformed (nice way of putting it) comment though. Here's my three reasons why.

1. It's anonymous!
2. They took no time to figure in the default settings that you took pains to explain.
3. If anyone took half a second to get to know you, they'd see you are more sold out for Jesus than the majority of us followers of Christ. You are a guy who isn't afraid to use unconventional means to bring the message of Truth to a culture that needs it. You put yourself out there and I greatly respect you for that.

drivinman said...

HI Frank,

If you plan to host house concerts on a regular basis, we'd love to include you on our site, which is the premier resource for house concert information on the web.

In addition, we often get talented Christian artists who come to us looking for opportunities. It would be great to connect them with you.


Fran Snyder